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Friday, July 3, 2020
Home Dental Store Dental Mart Dental /Magnifier /Medical Binocular Loupes 3.5X + LED Head Light Lamp

Dental /Magnifier /Medical Binocular Loupes 3.5X + LED Head Light Lamp

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Reasons Why you should get a dental Loupe:

👉 Dental loupes aid dentists, hygienists, and dental therapists to devise accurate diagnoses of oral conditions.

👉 It enhances surgical precision when completing treatment.

👉 Dental loupes can improve dentists’ posture which can decrease occupational strain.


Portable LED headlight

High intensity>15000—30000Lux

Continuous run-time:>5 hour

The power of the LED bulb:1 W

The lifetime of the bulb:10000 hour

Very small volume and weight

Magnification: 3.5X

Working distance: 280mm-380mm

Depth of field: 80mm

Field of View: 60mm

Frames: ABS

Packing List:

Main glass: 1 each

Protective caps: 2 each

cleaning cloth: 1 each

Screwdriver: 1 each

Flexible Headband: 1 each



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