Gutta Percha Cutter and Trimmer, designed for easy and safe removal and trimming of excess gutta-percha in endodontic procedures by simply pressing the operating button. One touch operation; Tip heats in less than 3 seconds to easily and safely trim away excess. The package includes the instrument, 2 cutting and trimming tips, 2 x AAA Ni-MH rechargeble batteries and rapid 1 hour charger

Gutta Percha Trimmer is an extremely useful piece of equipment for GDPs and endodontic specialists.

The kit comes complete with a handpiece, four interchangeable cutting tips, a handpiece holder, two rechargeable batteries and a battery charge.


– SLIM : To feel comfortable for the treatment in the mouth like dental handpieces.
– LIGHTWEIGHT : Weighs only 50g together with 2 cells, which leads to easy handling during treatment.
There is no need for an alcohol lamp or burner to heat the instrument to remove the excess. There is also no need for an assistant.
If NI-MH batteries are used, this instrument is much more economical than when using disposable alkaline batteries.
Normal usage is between 15~20 times when fully charged, and the instrument has a lifespan of 400~500 charging cycles. 
This instrument should be regularly maintained by replacing batteries and refilling tip are refilled.

Ensures patient comfort by avoiding the use of conventional alcohol lamps

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