Teeth whitening manufacturing companies won’t stop at anything to make you believe your teeth can be ‘Paper White’. Read on:

A PHOTO from a dental company is going viral after they added a few more teeth into a model’s mouth.

Teeth whitening firm HiSmile shared a photo of a mouth filled with rows of pearly whites, with several bonus ones added for good measure.

An average adult has 32 teeth, but the snap from the dental company shows around 60 crammed into the mouth.

Clearly the work of photoshop, HiSmile seemed to be trolling its own customers, captioning the image: “We’ll whiten ALL your teeth.

Tag a friend to trigger them.”

The teeth whitening company shared the bizarre image on Instagram, where it’s racked up more than 9,000 likes.

Hundreds of people have commented on the mock-up, branding it “creepy”.

One person said: “She has dolphin teeth.”

Another wrote: “Is than edit or something? I’m legit worried.”

A third commented: “How many teeth does this person have??”

Someone else thought: “Imagine how long it would take to floss.”

While somebody else said the image made them feel “uncomfortable.”

In a funny twist, one of HiSmile’s sister accounts, HiResults, also left a comment.

They said “no just no”, but were told to go “go back to their page” by HiSmile.

Source: The Sun, UK


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