Thursday, November 21, 2019

Cracked Tooth: Everything You Need to Know

A cracked tooth is a tooth that has become broken. Different Types of Cracks Teeth can crack in...

How To Use Public Speaking To Attract New Dental Patients

Are your marketing methods failing to get you known in your city ? Do you feel that your marketing doesn’t really get the public to...


Dr Jonathan Abenaim, is a US-based dentist and has his practice in New Jersey, Jonathan Dental Spa, referred to as the best dentist’s office in...

Digital dental clinic: harness the power of effective dental clinic marketing to win new...

We believe that a successful dental clinic needs both: good dentists and entrepreneurial skills. Effective dental clinic marketing  helps the dental...

Police Arraign Fake Dentist In Court Over N250,000 Fraud

Nigerian Police Force has arraigned one Tosin Chukwurah, a suspected fake dentist, on a three-count charge at the Magistrate Court in Ikeja, Lagos, for allegedly...

Sugary drinks linked to increased risk of death

Consuming sugary drinks has been linked to an increased risk of death from all causes, according to the findings of a long-term study published on...

Dental Anesthesiology Recognized as a Dental Specialty

Earlier this year, the American Dental Association’s National Commission on Recognition of Dental Specialties and Certifying Boards adopted dental anesthesiology as the 10th recognized dental specialty....

Study questions whether fluoride can lower kids’ IQ

Prenatal fluoride exposure may have neurotoxic effects, according to a study published August 19 in JAMA Pediatrics. Researchers found that children with greater prenatal fluoride exposure...

Should You Use Medical Data Acquired From Evil Activities?

Hi, I'm Art Caplan at the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU School of Medicine. I had a horrific, terrifying, disturbing phone call some months...

Stem cells from 3rd molars can repair eye corneas.

Stem cells from the dental pulp of third molars can be transformed into cells of the eye's cornea and could one day be used to...
Dental Loupes

Dental Loupes

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