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Unfortunately, I often hear albeit with some sense of pride “I have never been to a dentist .” Or sometimes even, “It has been several years, and I think I need a cleaning now.”

If you only know what is happening in your mouth, how the bacteria are messing round and technically defaecating in your mouth, you absolutely would never miss dental cleaning. The persistent mouth odour you are having are usually caused by dirty mouth. Even the rampant teeth decays may not be unconnected with the accumulated dirts.

Your mouth health is as important as any other part of your body. The cleanliness of your mouth has been linked to your overall health. Read on to know more important reasons why you must take your teeth cleaning seriously:

1. Avoid Mouth Odour

If your conversation with someone had ever put them off, you will understand this better. Or you have lost a potential life partner, then you know that mouth odour is not a condition you would wish for. When you feel you have a smelly mouth, maybe it is time for teeth cleaning. As a matter of fact, most of the patients that complain of mouth odour are often relieved after a session of professional teeth cleaning. Don’t waste time, call your dentist now.

2. Keep them White and Pretty.

Accumulated dirts on your teeth can absorb colours from your food, drinks, smoking etc. This can cause teeth stains over long period of time. This can affect your sociability, smiles etc. To keep your teeth white and pretty whilst boosting self-confidence, make teeth cleaning a routine.

3. Remove the plaque and calculus

The plaque are accumulated dirts from foods, linings of your mouth etc and they can become hardened to form Calculus. They are filled with bacteria which cause constant inflammation on your gum.

When the plaque become hardened,it is necessary to remove it with the proper dental tools.  Sometimes you can feel it with your tongue.  Anytime your tooth’s surface is not smooth, calculus is a likely culprit.

The calculus is millions of these tiny bacteria releasing poisons that the body reacts to in the form of inflammation and bone loss.  This is the infection. This chronic condition is simple enough to prevent, can be improved and maintained in a healthy state but must not be ignored if you are to remain at your best health.

4. Provides an opportunity to detect other issues

Your dentist thoroughly examines your mouth while cleaning your teeth, and that gives him/her an opportunity to detect any issues you are having. From newly developed cavities to broken fillings.

As a general rule, the earlier you detect an issue with a tooth, the cheaper it is to fix it.

5. Detects Oral Cancer Early

Oral cancer is a serious issue all over the world. With an oral cancer screening, the dentist thoroughly examines your mouth every time he/she cleans your teeth. While treatment may not be provided, the dentist helps detect signs early on and eventual referral to a tertiary hospitals where treatment can begin as soon as possible.

6. Reduces odds of developing cardiovascular issues

Gum disease and cardiovascular disease are strongly linked together. Since a professional cleaning twice a year helps to prevent gum disease, it also reduces the odds of you having cardiovascular issues like a heart attack or stroke.


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